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Shake off the Chains of Your Past and Step into Your Divine Destiny

Do you feel called to something greater?

It’s time to answer that call.

The desire you have for something more isn’t just a dream. The fact is that God didn’t design you to settle for less in your life. You were created for greatness, and that infinite potential is inside you right now. Whether you long to find the career that makes your spirit sing, lose the physical weight that’s slowing you down, connect more deeply with God, or create better relationships, you have the power to do it all. This revolutionary resource gives you simple, powerful steps to begin your process of transformation and become the highest version of yourself.

about Brandi

When I was a first-year student at Hampton University, the dean of students met with all the political science majors. One by one, we introduced ourselves and explained what we wanted to do with our lives. In the room were aspiring criminal defense attorneys, entertainment lawyers, and politicians. As I waited my turn, I knew none of those career paths were for me. When I finally introduced myself, I said:

❝My name is Brandi Harvey. I’m from Cleveland, Ohio. And I want to change the world.❞

At seventeen years old, I couldn’t put a finger on exactly what changing the world would look like, but as I’ve grown and matured, I’ve chosen every career move I’ve made with that purpose. Many times, I was a volunteer, changing the world without compensation, but those experiences paid off in dividends, allowing me to develop my raw talent and strengthen my leadership skills. They made me a better speaker, business owner, and leader. They made me a better person.

Over the years, I’ve led afterschool programs, worked as a fitness instructor, taught high school, run a charitable foundation, led entertainment productions and organized mentoring programs. I launched Beyond Her, my active wellness brand for black women, as my platform for changing the world on a larger scale.

When I was a young girl listening to Les Brown’s motivational speeches, I had no idea what his job was, but I knew I wanted to do what he did. Now, I motivate, inspire, and enlighten audiences. I’m changing the world with my words, my transparency, and by sharing what I have learned along my journey.

I am committed to having daily breakthroughs in my life, but it requires me to be open to Spirit. It is no accident that the Divine Creator has guided you to this space. You have come with the mind to restore, renew, and transform the way you see yourself and life around you.

There is infinite potential within you shake off the chains that have kept you stuck in the boat of mediocrity. It’s time to walk on water.

Your Breakthrough Awaits … BH


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